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Fringe Reviews, Day 7: Improved Improv - Sometimes They Tie a Thief to the Tree
Sometimes I stare, sometimes it's me.
Fringe Reviews, Day 7: Improved Improv
Comedy Go!: Suggestion: Famous Fruits.

The duo were joined by BNW colleague Lauren Anderson, who injected a frenzied energy into the set. While not as tightly plotted as the previous two sets, it remained strong, hilarious, and well-developed character-wise.

Tragedy of You: Joseph Scrimshaw works wonders with his scripted shows, so I was curious to check out his Mad Lib-esque Tragedy of You. While not as tightly constructed, his improvised drama entertained nonetheless.

Scrimshaw invites an audience volunteer to provide personal details about his/her life, and as they answer questions for his fill-in-the-blank whiteboard, Scrimshaw studies the mannerisms of his subject. When he's gotten all the details he needs, he begins a loosely described five-act Shakespearean tragedy, humorously skewering the Bard along with his audience volunteer. Don't expect iambic pentameter throughout, but do appreciate the jokes made of the literary devices. Dennis Curley accompanies Scrimshaw on the piano, providing amusing interludes between acts. And the inclusion of a bear was nice.


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