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Fringe Reviews, Day 8: "Prayer pimples for hairy fish nuts?" - Sometimes They Tie a Thief to the Tree
Sometimes I stare, sometimes it's me.
Fringe Reviews, Day 8: "Prayer pimples for hairy fish nuts?"
Comedy Go: Suggestion: Comedian

And I have thus seen every Ferrari McSpeedy improv set at this year's Fringe. A solid showing overall, but I can see the toll that four 45-minute longform sets has inflicted upon them. So on Sunday, Punk Rock Omaha, their first scripted Fringe show from 2002! I look forward to it.

Squawk: I have a soft spot for penguins thanks to Berke Breathed's creation, Opus from Bloom County and its spinoffs. Walking Shadow's creation, Lt. Andrew Falkland, won me over with amazing puppetry that gave him (yes, I know it's an inanimate object) a unique, lovable personality. I never questioned his interaction with his human counterparts, his determination, his motivation, and his integration into the much-touted "Post-Racial America."

The only qualm I have with the story is that it crams in too many social issues, when it would benefit a tighter plot by focusing on one. Squawk does juggle the ethical points it raises well, though, and I applaud it for adding intelligent discussion to the issue of race in America.


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